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Inventory service providers play an essential role in the success of many businesses. But not all providers are created equal, which can affect your count and overall experience.

Monarch’s people, processes, and technology offer a fantastic service from start to finish. We pride ourselves on being a company that values people more than profit, including our staff as well as our clients.

The Monarch Purpose

“Inspire personal and professional development that will empower our associates and our company to succeed.”

We know that success comes from a combination of company culture and job performance. We offer more than a set of data-driven results. Our staff is like family, and we provide opportunities for growth and development within our company, allowing them to explore new areas and attain new skills.

A company culture of growth, development, and caring means our staff is as committed to delivering a successful count as we are.

We are Inventory Service Providers Focused on People, Not Profit

At Monarch, we work hard to recruit the right type of people. We are team-centered, focusing on hungry, humble, and people-smart team members.

When looking for new people to join the Monarch family, we look for a good work ethic, professional interactions, and humility. We want people who are fearless in asking questions to fully understand the job at hand. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness but rather a valuable skill.

We prioritize our team and value people first over profits. We understand that by creating a growth-driven company culture, we can meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Best-In-Class Technology

Our technology is crucial to our success, and we have a robust open software platform. We are constantly working on our processes and technology so that they can adapt to meet our customer’s needs.

Our clients have various requirements, especially in manufacturing and distribution. They have different information-capturing abilities, such as serial numbers that must be captured and validated. We also use unique, best-in-class verification software to capture, validate and verify inventory.

Effortless and Efficient Process

When you combine our people and technology, we offer a unique process that other inventory service providers can’t.

We methodically move through all the inventory that needs to be counted and captured and have a well-established process. Whether we are counting in a warehouse or retail space, we have a process equipped to handle your inventory needs.

Our teams are constantly ensuring that they’re entering the count correctly and use our verification process after capturing the data to ensure that everything has been counted accurately. Any remaining variances are actionable and need to be dealt with.

Such a robust system means that the data you receive at the end of your count is accurate, reliable, and beneficial for your business. We understand that time is money, so we work on being responsive, reliable, and fast.

Not only do we understand industry best practices, but we’ve developed new model-based software technologies that can flex to fit most situations. That means we can handle any issues that may pop up on-site during a count. Our teams are trained for different environments, and we have fine-tuned our process to increase efficiency and accuracy.

Monarch— Solution-Focused Inventory Service Providers

At Monarch, we work hard to align with your goals and help you get the count results you are after. Not only will you receive data-driven results, but you will experience a professional and helpful service that offers accurate insights into your business while leaving you with tips for managing inventory in the future.

We are unlike other inventory service providers, so contact us to learn more about how our process can work for you.

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