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Monarch’s position in the business work is unique in that we prioritize our team. While many businesses are profit-first or customer-first, Monarch is people-first. We put our employees first and make sure they’re inspired and engaged because we know that top-tier performance will follow. Let’s take a look at Monarch’s purpose, and how we work constantly to fulfill and actively live that purpose.

Monarch’s Purpose

Monarch’s purpose is “To inspire personal and professional development that will empower our associates and our company to succeed.” Our employees are keenly aware that Monarch is a person-first company that will help them to achieve their goals, whatever those goals may be. Our team works hard to ensure that every member is lifted and supported, elevating them to a level that helps them to reach their true purpose.

Monarch Offers Countless Opportunities to Grow

One of the major ways in which Monarch lives its purpose of inspiring development in the personal and professional lives of its employees is by offering them a variety of opportunities to help them grow. This growth can come in many forms such as personal development classes, leadership training, or advancement opportunities.

The growth chances are unlimited. Monarch offers a considerable selection of ways to advance and move through various responsibilities in the company. We leverage internal talent whenever possible and prefer to promote from within.

Monarch Empowers Associates with New Programs

We help keep our associates engaged and driven to reach new goals through our various internal programs. These give our team members the chance to reach business-related milestones and benchmarks. These programs are designed to encourage our team members to operate more effectively and independently, while still maintaining the overarching theme of working together, growing together, and winning together.

Monarch Listens to Our Employees’ Ideas

Monarch loves to hear our employees’ ideas and we maintain that our employees are a primary source of our overall innovation in the inventory space. Our management and executives all have an open-door policy when it comes to hearing about new and innovative ideas and solutions that our employees come up with. It doesn’t cost anything to listen, and it keeps our team keenly aware of the fact that we value their input, and hold them in high esteem as crucial components of our success. Their ideas and input have shaped who we are and are a key component to our success.

Monarch Offers Significant Flexibility

Another big reason that our employees feel comfortable enough to work for us long-term and commit to serious personal and professional development is because they know we care about them as people. People have lives, and sometimes those lives need flexibility. When our employees need time off or scheduling flexibility, or anything else, we do everything we can to meet those needs and invest in our team’s loyalty.

Our Employees Get Excited About Their Success

We know that we’re creating an engaging and healthy environment for our employees because they continue to get excited about their own successes and the company’s wins. Seeing one of our employees getting amped about their achievements is one of the biggest rewards we can get, particularly when they’ve been part of the team for so long.

Join The Monarch Family

Monarch is always looking to bring top talent and driven individuals into the family. If you feel that you could make good use of the opportunities that working with Monarch would bring, you might be right for the team. Reach out today to get started.

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