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Healthcare Supply Inventory

Many pieces are needed to keep a Healthcare system running smoothly. Do you know if you have everything you need?

Something as simple as a burned-out light bulb can cause a domino effect in a setting such as a hospital. Without the light, patients can trip and fall, visitors can get confused, and nurses end up with more work to do. The maintenance team are quick and efficient but they need the proper tools and supplies to complete their work. The same can be said for the medical teams who require access to the correct supplies to care for every patient need.

It might be obvious that medical and surgical supplies should be inventoried. Most healthcare systems even have software that tracks inventory levels. It might not be as obvious that maintenance equipment and supply levels are just as important. Monarch’s team has experience in both healthcare environments as well as maintenance or parts areas. Each have their own specific needs and requirements.

Healthcare Supply Inventory
Healthcare Supply Inventory

Let us gather information for you.

Monarch’s software is flexible and can be set up to capture various data points and verify those details against the system information. If that system information is lacking or incomplete, we can offer suggestions and work with your team to gather as much data as possible prior to a count. Connecting purchase history can provide beneficial insights as well.

Our dedicated inventory specialists have experience in a wide variety of environments. Their skillsets and industry knowledge can be utilized to gain accurate information about your healthcare supplies. Whether we’re capturing surgical supplies, maintenance parts, or anything in between, the team will be focused on delivering high-quality results in an efficient manner.

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Your Questions About Healthcare Supply Inventories Answered

Get answers to your most common questions from Monarch

What if the parts I need inventoried are not barcoded?
The handheld devices that the team uses are equipped with an alphanumeric keypad so that part numbers can be entered directly. Accurate labeling will be required. If this is lacking, we’ll establish a process with your subject matter experts to help identify unlabeled parts.
We already have an inventory process. How can you help?

If you already have an established inventory capture process, great! Our team can step into that process and provide experienced support to your leadership. We’re also happy to discuss if changes to your process could increase efficiency.

Do you have teams in my area?
Monarch is based centrally in the Kansas City metro. Our teams are all trained and based here. We happily and regularly travel coast to coast providing inventory services for our customers.