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Supply Chain Consulting

Without Supply Chain Consulting, your investment won't come to fruition​

Have you ever made a new recipe and said ‘this needs something, but I can’t put my finger on what’? This can be uncomfortable to the point of frustration when you’re looking for that piece to tie everything together. Depending on your level of expertise you may have realized you completely missed the salt, or perhaps you realized your recipe lacks a certain kick, so you add the cayenne pepper that was missing.

When it comes to your operations, you have developed your recipe, but are you struggling to identify the missing ingredient that will allow you to completely transform your operation? From a business perspective, it’s unsettling when you get that close and just need one more concept or idea to push your dream across the finish line which you know will make your one-of-a-kind business the best it can be.

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Supply Chain Consulting

We're Here to Help

At Monarch, we’ve been fortunate to work with all kinds of people in all types of manufacturing and distribution facilities using our objectivity, listening skills, and problem-solving skills to learn what is working, pinpoint what is broken, and then create best in class recommendations based upon an array of past experiences. While symptoms of the problem will be prevalent within your warehouse or manufacturing facility, our Six Sigma certified consulting team will look both inside AND outside the four walls to identify the root cause. Every opportunity we accept has helped us grow and encouraged us never to shy away from a challenge.

The Process

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  • Listen:  Understand what issues are affecting you by listening and learning.  You and your team are ones who are living and breathing the problem and understand the big picture.  You know and understand your operation better than we do.  To best help you we need to know how things are currently being done.  
  • Analyze:  Depending upon the situation, this might involve running reports from your WMS and/or financial systems and analyzing that data.  If the information is not available within these systems, it may require implementing some temporary processes and technology to monitor various aspects of your operations to confirm or deny failure points.  The ultimate goal is to identify the root cause.
  • Recommend:  Based upon the failure point(s), we collaborate with your internal leadership teams to establish a turn-around plan and utilizing our knowledge base, craft a best-in-class recommendation. 
  • Implement:  Joining forces with your team(s), we will roll up our sleeves to implement the recommendations and using technology we will monitor the impact of the solution on the operation to ensure it is working, while at the same time sharing progress reports with key stakeholders.
  • Hand Off:  The plan has been worked and it is now your responsibility to maintain.  We always want you to feel confident and comfortable with the hand off.   We will work through a formal transition plan, and of course, we will always be available if questions arise after our departure.

Your Inventory Service Questions Answered

Get answers to your most common questions from Monarch

What is the experience level of your team?
We have experienced supply chain professionals including engineers, warehouse managers, military supply chain leaders, and technology experts with a variety of experiences in manufacturing, distribution, and logistics.
How long will a consulting project take?

The length needed for a consulting project will vary. Every environment and situation is different so each solution needs to be different. We will gather as much information from you as we can up front so that we can offer a best estimate on timeline. Of course, it comes down to you. We want to work within a timeframe that fits your goals.

What happens if questions arise after the consultation has ended?

We are here for you! We know that making changes to an operation can be challenging and often take time. If something comes up and you’re not sure how to handle that within the new processes, reach out. If we can offer solutions over the phone or email, we will. If, collaboratively, it is determined that a return visit will be needed, we can work with you to establish a follow up plan.