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Warehouse Quality Control Duties

Quality assurance and quality control is important to sustaining revenues and minimizing penalties or fines. Failure to deliver accurately and on-time can result in loss of revenues for both you and your customer.

The quality system and operations must work hand in hand to ensure audit efforts are not bottle-necking the process. The Quality Control team must be equipped with the proper technology, WMS access, and process knowledge.

Metrics to consider for Warehouse Quality Control Duties:

  • Picking accuracy
  • Quality of product picked (damaged)
  • Pallet construction
  • Product Placement
Warehouse Quality Control Duties Ownership Transition
Warehouse Quality Control Duties


Quality control and quality assurance are two factors in quality management. Quality assurance is how a product is made, quality control is the inspection aspect of quality management. 

Inventory Quality Control Services

Poor Order/Shipping Accuracy Leading to Loss of Customers?

Can you remember the last time you waited for a package to come and when it finally did, it was damaged?  Or worse, you got the wrong thing in your order!  Either option ends in you taking an added step to get a new product sent or a refund.  You know the unpleasant emotions that this scenario can cause in your personal life. Nobody wants that. If you order a product, it’s critical that you get what you wanted in excellent condition.

Unfortunately, when you take this situation to a grander scale, there are larger issues at hand. Shipping pallets and truckloads from a warehouse that get orders wrong often deal with penalties, fees, and the risk of losing a customer if they constantly receive damaged, missing, or incorrect product.  This is where an inventory quality control assessment can be beneficial to your business. They can keep everything in line and prevent the loss of customers that might not be patient with incorrect and damaged orders.

Warehouse Quality Control Duties

The Inventory Quality Control Service Guide

Whether you are a new facility ramping up production or an established location struggling with shipping accuracy, we can help you out.  If you have a determined warehouse quality control process but are struggling locating the source of the trouble, we have specific processes we can share with you. We also have technology we have developed to create needed visibility into your KPIs. We can help determine which KPIs are underperforming and why they are not up to par with the rest of the system. 

Consolidation initiatives involving massive movement of inventory into a new facility may necessitate the proper blocking and tackling to protect your most important customers.  In these situations, Monarch’s inventory management solution team can provide a temporary solution with experienced staff and leadership to set up processes and technology. These will ensure trucks are loaded timely with the right inventory until you have your Quality Control team trained and established.  Required KPI targets and transitions dates are established up front.

Inventory Quality Control KPI Details

Here are some of the common KPIs for measuring order/shipping quality:

  • Picking Accuracy: Is the product picked the correct one?
  • Quality of Product Picked: Is the item selected in the best possible condition?
  • Pallet Construction: Is everything in the right place, packed in a way that won’t cause damage?
  • Product Placement: Are products in the right location for shipment?


These questions help us deliverer ideal inventory quality control solutions that produce results for your team.

Warehouse Quality Control Duties
Technology Add in info Warehouse Quality Control


Most established inventory and warehouse quality control processes involve the use of existing WMS technology in quality control procedures.  Monarch has developed an application that, when combined with the WMS data, will provide visibility into all KPIs affecting quality on the shipping docks. It will also track the performance of those KPIs over time. 

This process provides the operation with the ability to gather enough data to spot trends, therefore identifying the specific problem areas to improve on as a company.  We understand that as an operating business, you have processes and procedures in place. We will work with you to fine tune your existing workflow without disruption. 

The Inventory Quality Control Process

To produce the best possible results, we will follow a specific process as we help improve your shipping quality:

  • Identify Problem: First, we will identify the area where your problems stem from in the shipping environment.
  • Establish Process: Next, we will help establish a process that will increase accuracy and quality in every shipment.
  • Automate: We will then automate the process to make it as simple as possible for your company.
  • Implement: Next, we will implement the system and ensure everything is in working order. We will test the process to maximize efficiency.
  • Track Results: Finally, we will track the results to ensure your shipping has become more reliable in speed and quality of the products.


Our inventory management services will improve customer satisfaction overall and help your shipping process operate in a more effective manner.

The inventory quality control process

Your Warehouse Quality Control Duties Questions Answered

Get answers to your most common questions from Monarch

Are you able to staff for 2nd and 3rd shifts?

Yes.  We can establish teams to work 2nd and 3rd shifts.  Once we understand shipping volumes per shift, we can determine the best shift team size.  Any visibility into planned shipments in the future can sometimes be difficult, but the more visibility into the future the more effectively we can plan for staffing.

How frequently are you able to provide reports and updates?

We can set up a cadence that aligns with the needs of your project; however, for larger scale more complex initiatives, we typically recommend a daily cadence.  Daily reports with historical trends and actionably information would be reported to warehouse leadership during a daily leadership huddle. It will help keep efficiency and accuracy in check.