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Is the task of internal inventory too time consuming? Looking for a way to accomplish inventory without undermining your daily pharmacy operations?

A pharmacy is a dynamic environment where every minute matters. Inventory shouldn’t waste critical time. Sure, physically counting inventory seems pretty straightforward at first. You might think, my team can handle it. You might even be off to a good start then you realize: your purchase history doesn’t include all of your direct-from-manufacturer ordering, you have multiple satellites throughout the facility, items removed from packaging are not being recognized. Finally, the idea of counting every unit dose pill… and soon the task becomes daunting and takes the team away from their true goal.

Healthcare Monarch Vertical

Let us handle things for you.

At Monarch, we understand your situation. From the largest of hospital campuses, to the smallest of outpatient pharmacies, and every cancer center, arthritis clinic, ortho center in between, we are familiar with healthcare settings and the nuances of each. Our team has seen it all, and can adapt to any specific healthcare environment. Not only that, we can provide our solutions seamlessly alongside your normal operations. You might be wondering- “How will you account for my Pyxis pull during inventory? Can you apply 340b prices for these drugs? Our Eye Center owns this kit, can you move this appropriately?” Our team is well aware of all the distinct situations that can be found in a healthcare inventory.

You have an entire healthcare system to manage. Rest assured that our service will be operationally smooth, and above all – accurate.

Your Inventory is Sensitive, We Care too

The safety of your inventory is of the utmost importance to us. Monarch has built a preferred vendor status with our clients. Repeat service is the core of our hospital vertical. Our clients don’t just choose us once, they choose us again. We understand the delicate nature of PHI. Our team is conscious of HIPAA regulations and all employees undergo background checks upon hiring. We are extremely cautious around all pharmacy equipment and supplies. We ensure that any team member assigned to a pharmacy inventory is well-trained and prepared to enter your environment.

Don’t put off your inventory needs any longer. Contact Monarch today for your free estimate!

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Your Inventory Service Questions Answered

Get answers to your most common questions from Monarch

How are Monarch and Quality Inventory Services (QIS) connected?

In February 2023, Monarch and QIS merged under the Monarch name. Monarch’s focus on technology combined with the extensive experience and pharmacy knowledge of the QIS team was a perfect fit.

What format can we get results in?

Most commonly, we provide results in excel files. If other file types are required, just ask and we’ll see what we can do.

How is the data collected?

We utilize electronic devices to capture the data. The team will key in each NDC and quantity. That data will be uploaded to a server computer and analyzed.