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Whether you are looking for an inventory services company to help your business or as a potential place to work, it helps to know more about the current employees. Some companies put profits over people and their employees notice.

This is not how Monarch can be described. We make sure that our employees feel valued and we put them first. The type of people we have is highly indicative of the environment we create. Our employees have incredibly varied and diverse backgrounds, but one thing that they all have in common is that they know their contributions are valuable and they know when a company agrees. Let’s take a look at the type of person that typically works for Monarch.

Our Inventory Family Has Diverse Histories

There’s no single type of employee that works with us. We have dozens of employees from nearby neighborhoods and towns that have had countless different experiences. Some of our employees came to us from retail environments, where they faced stressful conditions with little acknowledgment. These employees are a great example of the type of person that does well with us because they understand that they have talents that weren’t being used in a different situation. Other employees came to us looking for a change of pace or new challenge. These people are hungry to learn and excel in an environment like ours where we encourage growth and advancement.

We Take Care of Our Family

Many of our employees come to us because their current employer wasn’t offering them competitive wages and benefits. This is a vital part of retaining top talent and we understand that. That’s why Monarch offers competitive pay packages for the right individuals. We know that taking care of our valued team members builds loyalty and an overall healthier workplace.

Work-Life Balance Is Vital to Our Culture

Another type of person that can be found working for Monarch is the type that is being overworked and underappreciated in their previous roles. Too many people spend far too much time working and not enough time with their families or exercising self-care. If our team members aren’t healthy and vibrant, neither is their work, so we make it a point to encourage a healthy work-life balance. Our team works incredibly hard and they deserve to be able to slow down and enjoy things.

We Love Driven People

Someone who excels at Monarch is a person who is determined to constantly deliver the best possible product. Our typical employee is self-motivated and driven to consistently provide high quality, accurate, and efficient results in every project they are put on. This devotion goes hand in hand with our commitment to keeping our employees happy and healthy.

Our Team Culture Is Focused

The team culture at Monarch is focused on collaborative efforts and support from all sides. This focus contributes to the collective team working well together and creates a positive, comfortable environment. In turn, this focus ensures that the customer has optimal results and peak satisfaction. The people who works for Monarch are strongly aligned with this core value. While we’re focused on bringing the best experience to the customer, we also know that our employees need to be enthusiastic about that focus and primary goal. To do this they have to be incentivized and appreciated in a way that only Monarch can deliver.

The Monarch Family Is a Close-Knit One

If you’ve been considering an inventory count company, the close team dynamic of the employees who works for Monarch makes your inventory projects quick, accurate, and consistently reliable. If you’ve been looking for a career change, we’re always looking for driven people that want to satisfy our customers while maintaining a healthy work-life balance, reach out to Monarch Inventory Services today.

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