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Weights & Dimensions (Cubiscan)

Are You Unable to Maximize Revenue Because of Inefficient Use of Precious Space?

How many ways can you hold or tilt a couch? If you’ve ever moved or helped a friend move, I guarantee you’ve tried them all, with and without the cushions. The couch got through the door, so it can come out the door if you can just find the right angle. Space is valuable, and when you are running a business, it is essential to use every inch that you can. It is important to you and it is important to your customers. Whether you’ve acquired a new building and can’t quite envision how everything will flow together, you’ve got new products to add but are not sure how they will fit in the space you currently have, or you just want to provide more information to your customers about the products you already stock; Monarch has a great recommendation!
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Cubiscan is a best in class dimensioning solution that provides you with an efficient means to electronically capture the weight and dimensions of your inventory. Cubiscan offers the technology to aid you in space management, parcel shipping automation and efficiency, and more. For more information on Cubiscan, click here.

Monarch has partnered with Cubiscan to combine their cutting-edge technology with Monarch’s trained Cubiscan technicians to assist your operation with the implementation when your internal labor resources are constrained. We can handle the rental management, delivery, and project planning to offer a turn-key solution. Alternately, we can work with your internal project manager to formulate an implementation plan that you can execute internally.

In order to put together an estimate and plan for a Weights and Dimensions project, we’ll want to learn more about the driving force behind the project. Are you moving to a new space? Are you trying to maximize your current space? Do you need accurate measurements for shipping efficiency? Once we’ve discussed the driving force, and have an idea of how many items need to be scanned, we can use our tried-and-true metrics to determine how much time will need to be invested and give you all the options.

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Your Inventory Service Questions Answered

Get answers to your most common questions from Monarch

Are there options for irregular items?
Yes. Cubiscan offers a number of machine rental options. Each has a different maximum scan size and most can capture irregular items. So, if you need part dimensions so that you can plan for building kits, or if you need cases, inner packs, and individual items scanned, these machines can collect all of that data.
Can photos be captured along with the measurements?
Yes. A photography add-on is available that will collect an image along with the weights and dimensions. These images are great for reference but shouldn’t be used for marketing.
What does the scan data look like?
The data file can be formatted to what will work for you and your system. Our technicians can help coordinate what it needs to be to work the best for you.