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Hospital Pharmacy Inventory

Internal inventory at a hospital is very complex. Time can add up.

Patient care comes first. Keep it that way.

Imagine your son falls while playing and scrapes his elbow. You go inside to look for some ointment and bandages. Opening your medicine cabinet, you notice you have the ointment but are out of bandages. In this case, just the ointment is probably going to be enough until you can get to the store. Now imagine there are 10 or 100 children with the same need. It’s important that medicine cabinet stays stocked!

Hospitals are continually moving machines. You have people coming and going constantly. From emergency rooms, inpatient rooms, outpatient procedures, it’s a lot to manage. Ensuring that your healthcare team has the tools they need to properly care for every patient that comes through the doors is paramount.

Hospital Pharmacy Inventory
Hospital Pharmacy Inventory

Monarch understands the complex operations involved on site

We are also familiar with the granularity of data that is required. We can provide inventory reporting that is seamless with actionable and reviewable data. Our team is adaptive enough to handle any specific requests you have. We know you need more than just a quantity count.

We’re familiar with the challenge of applying GPO, WAC, and 340b pricing to a series of drugs. We know campuses will contain inventory from other clinics. We won’t forget about your kits throughout the system. We understand patient labelled drugs. We’re well aware of those VFC vaccines in that fridge. We realize there will be IDS. Our team will collaborate with your staff with all appropriate inquiries to provide the most precise snapshot.

We have extensive Pharmacy Database Technology

A hospital inventory is more than just a financial number. You need to be able to take action with your data. Monarch has the technology to attach drug-related categories to your inventory data. Reports can be built using generic descriptions, drug forms, therapeutic codes (AHFS), DEA class codes, etc. You will have detailed insight and confidently know what’s actually in your inventory.

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Hospital Pharmacy Monarch Inventory

Your Inventory Service Questions Answered

Get answers to your most common questions from Monarch

How do you handle multiple pricing structures for drugs?

Our subscription to the electronic Redbook allows us to apply various pricing structures to the same NDC based on whether in GPO, 340b, or WAC. We can produce isolated totals for each structure, giving you greater insight into your inventory.

How do you perform inventory without interrupting regular operations?

Our teams are very familiar with the day-to-day workings of a hospital pharmacy and understand that taking care of your patients is the number one priority. We will coordinate our count schedule to target areas that keep us out of the way as much as possible.

Do you offer custom reporting?

Yes. Our default results will give you the full selection of collected data. If there are any specific data fields that you are interested in seeing reports for, just let us know during the planning stage and we’ll be sure to include them.