About Us

Auditing the inventory in a c-store can be daunting and time-consuming. That’s where an inventory company like Monarch comes in, who provides several convenience store services! We have hardware and software designed specifically capture c-store inventory efficiently and accurately. We service a wide range of c-store operations from small independently-owned c-stores to large regional chains and everything in between. Our latest tablet based software provides c-store operators with real time access to the live inventory count. We would love to learn more about your operation and discuss solutions to minimize loss and maximize profits.

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A Brief Monarch History

Monarch was founded in 1985 and has served the Kansas City retail market ever since. Convenience, liquor, and grocery store inventories have been the baseline of the business. In recent years, we have put a core focus on coming to the aid of Manufacturing and Distribution-based businesses, assisting them in achieving their financial and operational objectives. Through this focus, we’ve been able to understand best practices in these operations and develop new module-based software and technology that can flex to fit most situations. We’ve been able to train our teams to be familiar with and comfortable in many different environments. The processes we’ve established for these projects has allowed for increases in efficiency and accuracy as well as opportunities for employee growth. 

We consider our team to be part of a family. We look at our customers the same way. It is important that we align with your goals. When a company hires us to help with a project, whether that’s a local convenience store or a million-square-foot distribution facility, we become partners. We are on the same side and we are invested in achieving a positive outcome for each of our customers.

With an astonishingly low turnover rate, Monarch has grown a team of well-experienced, focused, and dedicated people. If we partner with you for a project, you’re likely to see some of the faces below.

The inventory quality control process

Meet some of the members of
Monarch’s Team

Mark Anthony Stenberg

Joined the Monarch team in 2010

President, but fills whatever role is needed to help the team succeed

Specializes in Distribution, Manufacturing, and Asset
Problem Solver.

Entrepreneurial. Visionary.

Erin Shirley

Joined the Monarch team in 2018

Sales Manager

Specializes in Communication, Sales, and Marketing

Friendly. Creative. Cooperative.

Anthony Hooper

Joined the Monarch team in 2020

Retail Operations, I.T. Support, and willing to wear any hat needed

Specializes in Retail Operations, Liquor Store, and Warehouse

Industrious. Ambitious. Charming.

Brandy Huffman

Joined the Monarch team in 2018

Warehouse Operations

Specializes in delivering high-quality, actionable inventory results

Genuine. Knowledgeable. Inspiring.

Mark Van Eyck

Joined the Monarch team in 2016

Specializes in Retail leadership and Warehouse support

Consistent. Agreeable. Entertaining.

Elise McDaneld-Campbell

Joined the Monarch team in 2021

Specializes in Inventory audits for Asset and Warehouse

Cheerful. Diligent. Sincere.

Jordan Stenberg

Joined the Monarch team in 2013

Specializes in Retail leadership and Warehouse support

Focused. Experienced. Quick.