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Warehouse Inventory Services
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Warehouse Inventory Issues results in lost clients & compliance issues

Searching for warehouse inventory services or a warehouse inventory auditing company you can trust? Manufacturing and distribution facilities are a distinctive playing field, and Monarch understands the daily challenges you face in the supply chain. We know that these challenges can bring a great deal of pressure to bear, especially when it leads to inventory-related issues. Inventory problems can lead to inefficiencies and compliance problems within your company. Your operations must run efficiently to maximize profits and retain clients.

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Warehouses and distribution centers will contain a vast array of storage types, pick areas, labeling, and location layouts. Your manufacturing processes introduce additional inventory variables in regards to raw materials, WIP, and finished goods. All of these processes have to be accounted for. It is important for you to pick an inventory partner that understands these processes and variables. Retail inventory solutions in warehouse and distribution environments simply do not work.

Our system is completely unique and specialized to solve complex inventory problems in warehouse environments. Over the years we have seen many different types of manufacturing and distribution processes. We do much more than just a physical count, we assess your entire system. This way we can provide the best service possible, including personalized recommendations for improvement.

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Warehouse Inventory Technology

As we encounter new situations, our technology platforms and processes undergo continual improvement to address each new challenge.

Monarch has developed a streamlined process and technology platform that is designed to function in a highly time constrained manufacturing and distribution environment with real-time dashboards, live data feeds, and analytical tools that drive inventory results to 99.9% accuracy.


When Accidents Happen: Third Party Inventory Services are not prepared or accustomed to industrial environments

Safety procedures are important in any environment, but when it comes to manufacturing and distribution, safety is paramount. If your inventory partner does not have a dedicated safety program and safety officer in place to instill in all team members the significance of caution and preparation when in these environments, it will be important for you to allocate time to get them trained and ready before they enter your facility. You strive for excellence in safety and you care about your employees and vendors while at the same time managing risk and liability.

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We're Here to Help​

We understand all dynamics surrounding safety, and have taken steps to implement a comprehensive safety program. We are registered with ISNetworld to document all aspects of our safety program to ensure we are in compliance and minimize the risk exposure of ourselves and our clients.

We are all human, and accidents do occur. We are prepared to work with your safety manager to capture the details of the event and assist with the accident report forms for both of our organizations.

Warehouse Inventory Services Q&A

Get answers to your most common questions from Monarch

What should we do to prepare for an inventory?

Ask plenty of questions during the planning meetings and be sure to include all your key resources in those meetings as well. Monarch will walk through the process during that time and will need input from your team to ensure we’re seeing all the angles. Any additional organization that can be completed prior to the count will improve efficiency and limit questions. It is also important that you communicate the expectations and plans to your team on site. The ensures everyone involved is on the same page and working toward the same goal.

Will your Project Manager be on site?

Yes. We will assign a dedicated Project Manager who will be on site throughout the project. They will provide oversight and leadership as well as communicate regularly with the team and your management on site.

Does your Staff Size Change After the Quote is Provided?

Our quoting process involves making sure we understand the full scope of your project and operational environment. We invest this time with you up front to ensure we have the right sized team for each project with the proper experience at each position. The team size does not change after the initial quote is provided unless the scope of the project changes.

What experience level does your team have working in industrial environments?
Monarch’s auditors are highly skilled and experienced in a variety of manufacturing and warehouse environments, including equipment operation and safety. This allows for a quick jump out of the starting blocks for each project.
How flexible is your data capture software?

Our technology platform is customizable and can be set up to adapt to your specific needs, including data capture requirements. Maybe SKU, Quantity, and Location information is all you need. Perhaps you have serialized items and that number needs recorded. Whatever it is, we can adjust to suit the project.

Can your team assist us with receiving or shipping during peak times?
Our team is experienced with a variety of WMS platforms and shipping and receiving processes. We can provide support in these areas during peak times.