Convenience Store Inventory Services

Auditing the inventory in a c-store can be daunting and time-consuming. That’s where an inventory company like Monarch comes in, who provides several convenience store services! We have hardware and software designed specifically capture c-store inventory efficiently and accurately. We service a wide range of c-store operations from small independently-owned c-stores to large regional chains and everything in between. Our latest tablet based software provides c-store operators with real time access to the live inventory count. We would love to learn more about your operation and discuss solutions to minimize loss and maximize profits.

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Are you struggling with poor profit from a lack of inventory control? Unable to determine why or if my processes are broken?

Searching for a convenience store inventory counting company or convenience store inventory auditing services? Your cash and retirement investments represent a very valuable personal asset to you personally.  If all of a sudden you see $300 inexplicably withdrawn from your account, you would want to determine what happened and you would notice it quickly.  In your C-Store business, your inventory can be thought of as cash on your shelves and represents one of your most valuable assets on the balance sheet.  You want to know what is happening with your inventory.  Unlike cash in the bank or investments in a retirement portfolio, inventory moves constantly.  Inventory is dropped off, received on the books, put in back stock, moved to the shelves, and brought up to the checkout by a customer.  With thousands of moves each day across your operations, it can be difficult to track your most valuable asset.  You need processes and a partner that you can rely on to help you achieve your profitability goals.

We're Here to Help with Your Convenience Store Inventory Issues

We put security signs by our homes to let thieves know we have a security system.  This “notice” deters potential criminals from attempting to break into our homes.  Your inventory control processes represent the “security sign” for your business.  And should a potential thief decide to break in anyway, you want the systems in place to isolate the incident quickly so you can manage it properly.  Monarch’s roots are in convenience store inventory counting services.  At its founding, C-stores were a focus and the first core competency Monarch developed.  Over its 35-year history, Monarch has been refining a set of convenience store inventory auditing best practices for helping C-store owners, operators, and managers control their inventory.  We have the knowledge and tools for you to consider as you put a robust inventory control plan in place, picking the options that fit best into overall plan.


You expect your vendors to interact with your store managers, team, and customers with a high degree of professionalism and courtesy.  After all, your vendors are a reflection of your operation.  A few key traits you will be looking for:

Properly Dressed. Our convenience store inventory service teams will be spending more than a few minutes in your store.  They will be seen by many of your customers.  You want the team to “look” like they are part of your operation.

Positive Attitudes. Reactive personalities tend to be defensive, take things personally, and display emotions of anger and frustration.  You have witnessed these personalities before.  You have to walk on egg shells to “keep the peace”.  When dealing with inventory problems you have to get right to the point.  And the point is that human error has to be challenged.  Your convenience story inventory auditing team can’t take it personally.  It isn’t about who is right or who is wrong.  It is about getting the information correct in order to facilitate good business decisions.

On-Time Arrival. You have a business to run and you and your team are on a schedule. Furthermore, deliveries arrive at a certain time and must be carefully coordinated with inventory counting processes.  Late arrivals from your inventory team will throw off your entire day and introduce unnecessary challenges to your already tight schedule.

Competency. You don’t just want the data handed to you with the expectation that you will analyze it and find the problems.  You want your inventory leader to participate in analyzing the data and point out any issues they see that you would want to be aware of.

Efficiency.  In combination with competency, you want your convenience store inventory counting teams to be efficient.  It is important that inventory counts complete as soon as possible within your target timeframe.  Having the right technology will also be important in accomplishing this objective.

Your Inventory Service Questions Answered

Get answers to your most common questions from Monarch

What should we do to prepare for an inventory?

This can depend on the type of service we are providing for you.  An organized store is always appreciated, and we thank you for your efforts.  If we are doing a financial count, we will be looking for the price of every item.  Are all your products clearly marked?  Full scan counts require scanning the barcode on every item.  You’d be surprised how long it can take to pick up every item, or turn a bottle to locate the barcode.  Positioning the top or closest item with the UPC ready to scan allows us to be more efficient.   

What types of reporting can you provide?

We can customize the reports however is most helpful for you.  Do you want to see the overall picture of what you have in your store, or broken down into categories?  We are here to support your needs.  

Our team leads have prepped what we need in advance so your assigned team can arrive, get out what we need, have a team huddle with any pertinent information pertaining to your store, and we’re ready to count all within a short period of time.

What percentage of staff do you expect to drop off of a job on any given day?

None.  Because we have established a teamwork-centered culture, hunger is one of our three core virtues.  By hunger we are referring to work ethic.  Someone who arrives late with any type of frequency significantly lacks hunger.  In our culture this type of individual will feel uncomfortable and disconnected from the team.  It is the job of our leaders and managers to help coach them to success or if change is not an option, help them to understand that Monarch is simply not a good fit for them.