Be Counted.

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We wrote a retail inventory book because, after 35 years in the industry, we want to share our knowledge and experience.

Many businesses dread inventory count days. We want to change the narrative and help businesses use physical inventory counts to thrive. After so many years of learning and innovating, we aim to help businesses and other companies in the market.

Retail Inventory is Important to Us

We want to share with other people interested in managing inventory, but more importantly, those who want to do it correctly. After so many years in the industry, we have experienced our fair share of pitfalls and want to share our hard-won wisdom with others.

As inventory service providers, we play a crucial role in the success of many businesses, and that is not a job we take lightly. Having a professional company help you manage your stock can make the process efficient and straightforward or cause more problems. Our goal is to educate and inform business owners and market peers to help everyone achieve better results.

What Makes Us Qualified to Talk About Retail Inventory?

Monarch was founded in 1985 and started with a baseline business of convenience, liquor, and grocery store inventories. Over the years, we have shifted our core focus to helping manufacturing and distribution-based businesses.

During this pivot, we gained vital insights into how to help businesses achieve their financial and operational objectives. On this journey, we have learned valuable skills that have helped us understand business best practices. In assisting companies in achieving their goals, we have also been involved in learning and innovation within our company.

Not only have we increased the efficiency and accuracy of our inventory process, but we also offer our team opportunities for growth. Our staff is trained in a number of environments and constantly improving and growing.

Why is Company Culture Vital to Inventory Services?

The latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics put annual warehouse turnover rates at 43%. Monarch has less than 10%.

A core principle in our business is having a rigid process that allows us to perform physical inventory counts efficiently and accurately. To do that, we need a solid team well-versed in our operations and technologies. That requires a dedicated team, and a high turnover makes consistency difficult.

Our Monarch company culture focuses on people over profit, including our clients and staff. We are always looking for opportunities for staff development which encourages us to innovate constantly.

Company culture is critical to a successful count because happy team members that value their work will care about the count outcome.

How is Monarch Different?

We invest in hardware and software solutions which allows our offerings to be more adaptable to the needs of our customers. Because we have highly skilled team members and flexible technology, we can pinpoint problem areas and deliver actionable results.

At Monarch, we constantly innovate and adjust our process and technology to improve it and offer a better service to our customers. We have developed new model-based software and technology that allows us to adapt our process to work for different inventory types. For example, a C-store inventory will look different from a large warehouse inventory which will also differ from a cold storage facility.

Having the flexibility of customizing turn-key inventory solutions sets Monarch offering apart from the competition.

Trust Us With Your Inventory Needs

We are passionate about people and providing excellent service. We are proud of the team that we have created and the inventory solutions we provide.

That is why we wrote the book, to share our knowledge and insight. If you want to find out more about retail inventory or our other offerings, contact our team.

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