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When you work for Monarch, it’s not like working for anyone else. We have a unique culture and company structure. Our highly driven teams are great at what they do and we acknowledge that they are the primary reason that we’ve been as successful as we are. Our employees enjoy a variety of exciting benefits that make working for us an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Let’s take a look at the benefits some of our employees say they get from our relationship, and how they impact our associate family.

The Benefits When You Work for Monarch

This list certainly isn’t exhaustive but it should provide a reasonable look into how we value our inventory family and help them to cultivate their best selves.

Massive Opportunities for Growth

One of the most frequently mentioned benefits that are enjoyed by those who work for Monarch is the opportunities for growth that we provide. Our primary mission is to invest in the development and growth, both personally and professionally, of our associates, so that they can improve their own lives and contribute to the health and success of the business.

We provide programs internally that can help associates reach new milestones. We offer training and resources to help them develop professional skills and talents, as well as grow in their own personal goals. We also provide a number of tools and programs to help associates develop and advance in their careers within and outside of the company. We love to promote from within. When an employee shows promise and hunger for more, we’ve even been known to create new positions within our organization to accommodate their potential. We have an amazing working dynamic and individuals are supported throughout their growth by the entire team.


Another of the most significant benefits of working with us is that you have the opportunity to experience travel and exploration of locations all over the country. Monarch offers warehouse inventory coverage nationwide. You and the team may be headed to a city in the Rockies one week, to Los Angeles or Orlando the next.

Our employees say that they would have never seen as much of the country as they have if they would have worked for someone else. There are incredible places and unforgettable experiences that can be had while working on a project with your team.

As a bonus, there is often time after each project to explore the city or area where the client is located in. This personal sightseeing time is like a tiny vacation after a long project. Wisely managing your time can allow you to see some of the biggest or most unique attractions in the country, all because you and your team made a great time on a project and wrapped it up quickly.

While Monarch covers travel expenses on these trips, you get the personal benefits of earning miles and points through the airline, hotel, and rental car providers we use. These are yours and can be used for your next personal trip.

Team Dynamics & Camaraderie

When speaking with our employees, one of the things we hear about most is the family-like relationship they have with their team. This closely bonded relationship is a key factor in why our teams are so good at what they do. All of our various teams operate smoothly and efficiently and make great efforts to keep performance and accuracy up while also enjoying the team they work with. Having a comfortable environment and flat reporting structure allows for everyone’s voice and opinions to be heard. When you have a connection with the people around you, it’s easier to speak up when you have an idea that could help knowing that you will be heard.

Financial Benefits

Obviously, one of the main benefits is our associate compensation package. Many of our employees were initially attracted by our pay package and benefits but were pleasantly surprised to find an employer that deeply values them and goes above and beyond to help them feel challenged and engaged. We pay top rates because we want top talent.

Would You Like to Work for Monarch?

If these benefits sound like the foundation of a great career, Monarch is always looking to build a relationship with top talent. If you have the drive and want to be part of a close-knit team, reach out and talk to us today.

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