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Third-party inventory services should offer more than a set of data-driven results. For example, the company’s attitude, behaviors, and beliefs uniquely define the team and affect the whole project.

It is easy to overlook a company’s culture in favor of good results. Still, it is the combination of positive company culture and the ability to do the job that creates a dynamic team and successful project.

Company Culture and an Effective Outcome

When evaluating third-party inventory services, you want to ensure they can deliver the hard results you need to get your system reconciled and your inventory corrected.

The right inventory service company for your business will get you the results you want quickly, efficiently, and problem free. A company that uses familiar teams of knowledgeable staff will give you peace of mind as your project progresses.

You want a company that really cares about your business and not just the outcome. When inventory staff deals with the nitty-gritty details of your business, like stock, you want to know they are committed to producing an accurate end product.

Why Attitudes and Beliefs are Important in Third-Party Inventory Services

A lot of the projects that we do, especially physical counts, are highly time-constrained and stressful environments.

In many cases, the operation of the business has been shut down, which means emotions are running high. There is also a lot at stake, as initiating an operational shutdown and bringing in third-party inventory services is a substantial investment.

If a third-party inventory company doesn’t have a good company culture, it can affect the progress of the project. Staff with bad attitudes, showing up late, and not taking responsibility for problems can delay the inventory count and cost the customer money.

These kinds of behaviors can also be triggers in what is an already emotionally charged situation. These issues also distract the team from delivering the end result.

Monarch’s Company Culture

At Monarch, we focus on the phrase “Hungry, Humble, and Smart.”

Smart: When we talk about smart, we mean people smart. These are the soft skills that we have developed to understand how our words and actions affect others. This is very important when dealing with customers and helping them feel comfortable with the project.

Humble: Being humble is all about showing humility and being able to take ownership of mistakes you’ve made while on the job. At Monarch, we try to be solution-focused to keep the project moving forward.

Hunger: Hunger refers to the work ethic of our staff and the drive we have to get the job done and deliver the best possible result. We are as invested in the outcome of the count as our customers are, and we strive to create an experience that brings clarity and comfort.

We take the time to do extensive pre-project planning where we get to know our customers and their project goals.

Not only do we have staff members on-site throughout the project, but we are also available at the end to answer any questions and ensure our customers are completely satisfied with the completion of their project.

The Best Way to Evaluate Third-Party Inventory Services

The best way to evaluate a third-party inventory service is through referrals.

Talk to other customers who have worked with the company and hear what they have to say about their experience. In some cases, there are multiple teams often in other cities, so make sure that the referral you are talking to is about the same team you’ll be using for your project.

If the idea of a hands-on company with dedicated staff and accurate results is something you want for your business, contact us and learn more about our third-party inventory services.

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