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Managing the inventory at a single retail location can be tricky, so having consistent inventory audit results allows you to manage multiple retail locations effectively.

Consistency in your business is an excellent way to assess your systems and staff, but sometimes you need help.

That is where Monarch comes in. We have trained staff members and technologies to provide accurate data across your retail locations.

Monarch Uses Consistent Strategies

To provide our customers with consistent inventory results, we need to be consistent in our processes.

Where possible, we use the same teams and staff members who are knowledgeable in physical inventory counts.

We use the same counting system and strategies regardless of your WMS and POS while still being flexible enough to deal with on-site challenges.

We generate data reports and information that can be understood by our customers and us. This enables everyone to look at the reports, make the same conclusions, and ask the same questions.

Inventory auditors can quickly and accurately see variations in audit results. For example, using an interactive floor plan (IFP), they can walk through the locations and review all the details from the count. This allows them to see almost immediately where they are variances in inventory data.

Benefits of Consistent Inventory Audit Results

There are several benefits to having consistent inventory audit results.

They allow you to assess the health of your business by providing accurate data you can use to take action.

Consistent inventory results allow you to compare previous counts and check for variances. Having consistency in results will enable you to identify a possible shrink problem in your store. If the numbers have been consistent and suddenly dropped, you can investigate the cause.

You can quickly identify the reasons for discrepancies when you do consistent counts and get accurate results. For example, a product might have moved in a display, or a display is no longer available.

Many of our clients have migrated to new back office applications. However, through our consistent counts and results, they could easily migrate their data and fine-tune the new systems. Moreover, because Monarch uses consistent count strategies and data reports, our customers could easily process the information correctly within the new system.

For some clients, consistent count results offered them the opportunity to automate their ordering process, thereby alleviating pressure on their managers.

Consistent Inventory Audit Results Give You Confidence

Consistent inventory audit results can offer our customers actionable details for their business.

A good consistent inventory audit and cycle count program provides our customers with accurate data about their inventory and processes, which gives them the confidence to make the decisions in their business. The count results might be higher or lower than expected, but the consistency of the results means they are accurate.

Using Monarch for Your Inventory Audit Needs

Monarch offers a variety of inventory services, and we pride ourselves on consistency and accuracy with each project.

An inventory audit across multiple retail locations can be tricky, but Monarch teams have created a streamlined and uniform process that offers our customers accurate and clean data.

We count each location the same way and use uniform labeling and reporting processes. This consistency ensures accurate inventory counts and gives our customers a comprehensive overview of the health of their stores.

For multiple retail locations, we also offer a hybrid physical inventory. Because we use consistent practices, we can provide multiple teams along with your own staff to help complete your physical inventory count.

So, if you are looking for consistent inventory audit results, contact us today to discuss the best inventory service for your retail stores.

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