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The cost of retail inventory services depends on a variety of factors, based on the size of your store and what type of inventory count you need. We provide an all-inclusive estimate for your retail count, but pre-planning and organization play a key role in keeping the final count as close to the estimate as possible.

We are focused on people over profit and want retail counts to be as smooth and seamless for our clients as possible. That means we provide you with all the information you need beforehand to help make the count efficient and cost-effective.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Retail Inventory Services

1. How Much Time and Resources the Inventory Requires

We need to ensure we have enough people on-site to deliver quality results quickly and efficiently. So, having accurate information about the size of your store and your inventory will help us put together the best team for your count.

2. Type of Inventory and the Distance From Our Retail Service Areas

A sample count requires different resources to a full scanning inventory, and you will need to communicate your inventory needs with us beforehand.

Our retail service area is expanding, and we now serve:

  • Kansas City Metro
  • St. Joseph
  • Lawrence
  • Topeka
  • Manhattan
  • Wichita

We will likely cover your area, but we will build travel costs into your estimate if we don’t.

3. Determining the Team Size Requires Accurate Information

We will need to know:

  • Your anticipated retail value in the store
  • How well things are labeled
  • The size of your store
  • Type of inventory required
  • Number of staff members available

Basic Financial Value Assessment

A basic financial value assessment is quicker to process, which will allow you to keep the cost of the retail inventory services down. It will provide a general breakdown of costs by category, and sometimes that’s enough for stores. A financial value assessment allows you to take a snapshot of your store systems and stock management.

Scanning Level Inventory

Scanning level inventory generates an item level inventory report. This takes much longer because we scan every individual item, and it requires more preparation steps upfront. Larger inventory counts like item level scanning are often performed annually at the end of the year for tax purposes.

Getting an Estimated Cost of Retail Inventory Services

When you contact Monarch to enquire about the cost of retail inventory services, we will require information from you to ensure that your estimate is as accurate as possible. If you provide all the necessary information upfront, our service desk will give you an estimated cost of service.

Your organization, preparation, and communication level will help determine the actual end cost. Ensuring that your items are correctly labeled, categorized, and grouped can make the count much quicker, saving you money.

If you can provide us with accurate information upfront, we can estimate the cost better. Being fully prepared for your inventory count allows you to come in closer to the estimate we provide with little to no last-minute surprises.

Monarch Prioritizes People Over Profit Without Sacrificing Quality

Monarch is a company that values the people who work with us, and we have a process that is adaptable enough to suit various inventory needs. Your estimate is customized to suit your count requirements, and coming up with an accurate estimate is a collaboration between our service desk and clients. Our goal is to provide data-driven results in a friendly and collaborative way.

If you want to learn more about the cost of retail inventory services, reach out to our team for a free estimate.

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