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Having a large retail store means stock control and full scan physical inventory counts are essential to your success.

Getting ready for an inventory count can be daunting, but we are here to help make the process quick and efficient.

However, you and your staff can do a few things to help us get the best results for your full scan physical inventory count.

5 Simple Ways to Prepare for a Full Scan Physical Inventory

At Monarch, we have the technology, systems, and trained staff necessary to help get the data you need from your physical count. But for us to be effective, we need your help preparing your store.

1. Get Organized

Organization is a key component of a successful inventory scan.

As a large retail store, you probably have numerous products in different sizes, colors, quantities, and designs. Having your items stacked neatly and grouped concisely means we can do the physical count quicker.

2. Separate Items

If you want us to count an item’s individual flavors, designs, styles, etc., it is helpful to have these items separated before the count begins. That way, we don’t have to search the store for items in different categories.

For example, doing a full scan physical inventory count at a hardware store with small items like nuts, bolts, and screws mixed together can make the count difficult.

We are experts in inventory services, not nails and screws, so having those items sorted and categorized before the count begins means a more successful outcome.

3. Check Tags

Check that all your items are labeled and that the label is accurate.

Damaged labels will make it more challenging to scan, and if the label is incorrect, the data being scanned will be inaccurate.

This will lead to incorrect data being imported after the count, which we will need to change.

4. Group Similar Items

If you have the same item in various colors or styles or similar products, try and group them in a similar location so that there is a good flow when we are counting.

5. Have Staff on Hand

It is always helpful if you have staff on hand to answer any questions we have or help us locate items.

Kick Outs and Not Found Items

Any item we can’t scan will cause problems when you want to use or import the data from the count.

If you want us to capture Not Found or Kick Out items, there are a few things we need to know:

  • What category or section to capture it under.
  • Where to put it in while you find out that information.
  • What you are going to do with it afterward.
  • If you are going to be capturing it so that you can handle it at a later date, we also need to know where to put it to keep it separate from the items we are counting.

Have a Clear Plan for your Full Scan Physical Inventory

A clear plan of what is being counted can make a big difference to your physical inventory count.

If there are DNI items, such as display products, then label them clearly, so we don’t include them in the count.

How Can Monarch Help Your Full Scan Physical Inventory?

At Monarch, we have a team ready with the knowledge, expertise, and technology to help you get the inventory count results you want.

We offer a comprehensive service and are with you every step of the way. From the first meeting, where we discuss the needs of your project right up until the last data import, we are available to offer support, guidance, and assistance.

So, if you need a full scan physical inventory count in your retail store, chat with us about making the process easy and effective.

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