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So, you might be wondering: what does Monarch Inventory Services do?

In a nutshell, we solve inventory problems. We do this for many different businesses. Our areas of emphasis are manufacturing and distribution inventory, asset inventory, convenience store inventory, and liquor store inventory. These verticals cover a broad variety of potential customers and inventory complexity.

What Does Monarch Inventory Services Do?

Our work is much more than just counting items and record-keeping tasks. It goes a whole lot deeper than that. Monarch’s customers have elaborate supply systems, and many important goals, and it’s our job to go the extra mile to address them.

How do we do things that other companies cannot? Our folks are resilient and know how to adapt to difficult circumstances. We face challenges head-on and aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and dig right in.

Warehouse Services

We focus our efforts on two major business segments: warehouses and retail outlets. For warehouses, services range from distribution centers all the way to busy manufacturing facilities. This also includes our asset-based inventory services.

Warehouses are fascinating because of the variety of scenarios we might encounter. We regularly serve clients whose warehouses are no bigger than a storage room to a million-square-foot warehouse full of thousands of complex items. Food inventory requires validating not only Location, SKU, and quantity, but also Batch and/or LOT numbers and expiration dates. Electronics inventory may require validating serial numbers. Even basic inventory validation on Location, SKU, and Quantity are important to identify Units/Cases, Cases/Pallets, and a number of pallets in bulk storage locations. When license plate numbers are utilized and require validation, the technology must restrict the count to a single pallet at a time.

We see a wide range of scenarios within our asset-based inventory services as well. Most often, we are brought in to assist with tagging and recording fixed assets within the business. Sometimes these inventories simply give the company better visibility into their operation. Sometimes these types of inventories are required in order to maintain compliance. The level of detail needed for these inventories varies as well and we are set up to adapt in order to collect the relevant data in an efficient manner.

Convenience Store & Liquor Store Services

On the retail side, we have services for convenience stores and liquor stores. Whether you’re seeking to buy or sell a store, or just want to get a better grasp of your merchandise, Monarch can provide beneficial assistance.

What we find most often is that when we give customers data or implement a solution to a problem, they don’t always know how to utilize it thereafter. That’s why our goal is to go beyond simple data accumulation and provide them with something they can implement for the long haul.

We assist with getting the data loaded directly into their point-of-sale system and make sure customers can take advantage of it from a tracking and order perspective. Ultimately, for us, it’s all about knowing their goals and expected outcomes, then tailoring reasonable solutions that will last.

Monarch Inventory Services

This only touches the surface of what we can do to bolster your inventory management at your warehouse, convenience store, or liquor store. We have a plethora of services that help meet these objectives. They include:

  • Supply Chain Consulting
  • Quality Control
  • Physical Inventory Count
  • Point of Sale System Reconciliation
  • Inventory Loss Prevention
  • . . . and more!

This means that you don’t have to settle on any template services from us. We know how to adjust our methods to fit the specificity of your facility or business. That’s what we’ve been doing since Monarch opened in 1985.

We regularly receive outstanding feedback as well. On Google Reviews, we earn almost a perfect rating from several customers pleased with our 99.99% accuracy. You will be too when you see how much you save by regaining control of your inventory.

To find out more about “what monarch inventory services do?” contact us today!

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