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Let’s look at the steps required to work with Monarch. We’re always enthusiastic about working with liquor stores, convenience stores, and warehouses to help shore up their inventory discrepancies. We use a thorough vetting process to help our potential customers make sure we’re the best fit to handle your business needs.

Here’s how and why we do that.

General Steps Required to Work with Monarch

We generally break the interviewing process into four basic steps: your initial contact with us, an introductory meeting, then an in-depth assessment, and finally a quote.

  1. Initial Contact
    This is where a business would reach out to us, typically by visiting our website and filling out a contact form, emailing us, or making a call.
  2. Introductory Meeting
    Next, we conduct a roughly 30-minute meeting with you to briefly discuss objectives and discover the basic elements of your business.
  3. In-depth Assessment
    Then, it gets a little more in-depth as we dive deeper into the project targets and what will be required of both parties. We want to understand what technology and processes would be most efficient. We also want the customer to understand how Monarch operates so they can determine if we will be the right partner for their project.
  4. Quote
    If it is decided to move forward at this point, we will review all the information and provide a quote. This quote will be all-inclusive and accompany an outline of the process as recommended and discussed.

If the quote is in alignment with the budgetary targets for a project, the next steps would be to lock in dates and draft a standard services agreement to be reviewed and signed by both parties.

What We Look for Throughout This Process

When we’re approached about a potential retail-store project, there are certain things we’re trying to determine right off the bat. It helps our process to know the quantity and type of inventory you carry, how many SKUs you carry, how much back-stop you have, etc. This helps us form an idea of the size, scope, and purpose of your business.

We also want to have an understanding of the technology we need to use and how much time we expect the count to take. That will help determine the team size and ultimately the cost, which is can be a deciding factor.

Why Are These Steps Required to Work with Monarch?

We are never going to commit to something we can’t deliver. Throughout this process, Monarch will be upfront about any potential concerns. If we see that staffing or scheduling may be an issue, we are going to address it right away. If it seems like your project won’t benefit from the level of experience and focus that we offer, we’ll let you know.

It happens that we don’t align with every project. There are never hard feelings. If it doesn’t work this time, maybe it will next. Our doors will always be open. It’s important to us that we deliver on each project that we do. We won’t jeopardize that record by overpromising just to close a deal.

Monarch: Thorough Inventory Services for Several Business Purposes

You won’t regret the thorough services you get from us when we agree to work together on an important inventory task. Our staff includes several consultants with years of training, six-sigma certifications, and a willingness to go deep into all the important supply aspects of your business.

If you’re looking for help reconfiguring and tracking your physical inventory, you’re in good hands with Monarch. We handle a diverse volume of organizational tasks, including fixed asset inventories. There’s a science to this that our company has perfected in the past 37 years in business.

Now that you know these simple steps required to work with Monarch, don’t hesitate to contact us soon, so you can discover how we can help you reach your inventory goals.

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