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Reconciling your liquor store POS after a physical inventory audit is a big job.

It’s one of the most important parts of owning a liquor store, and it is essential that you have a system that can back up information and store accurate data on your business.

At Monarch, we are here to make the reconciliation process smooth and seamless.

35 Years of Physical Inventory Audit Experience

With over 35 years of experience, Monarch has an in-depth understanding of how point-of-sale data is configured, how the system tracks inventory quantities, and how our inventory results are translated into POS system updates.

We know how important a physical inventory audit is for your business, so we take the time upfront to ask the right questions, like how your inventory is set up in the POS system. This helps us identify any problems before the audit begins.

We believe that advanced communication means a better end result for everyone.

Monarch Makes the Physical Inventory Audit Process Easy

With such a long history in the industry, our technology is extremely adaptable.

After working with a variety of POS systems, we can confidently use over 20 different systems, from large-name brands to small local companies.

That means we can work with the POS system you have. If there are areas we are unsure of, we happily work with tech support ahead of time to ensure the process runs smoothly. We will also ensure the import process is done correctly when we arrive on-site.

Because we have an in-depth knowledge of numerous POS systems, we can make recommendations on the system that will work best for your business and help you get the best out of your system during the inventory.

It is a value-added bonus that we can share our knowledge and experience with our clients so that they can get the most out of their POS systems.

We Work With You from Start to Finish

If you use Monarch for your physical inventory audit, we are with you every step of the way.

We walk our customers through the entire process so that they can watch each step and understand exactly what is happening through the process.

We don’t ever want our clients to get to the end of an import and find the count was incorrect, so we are available until the process is completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

Before starting an import, we do a full verification

  • We run down our own variances
  • Check for missing items
  • We use our software to verify how our counters have counted inventory

This software checks for things like correct quantities, whether an item was picked up, and if an item was scanned twice.

We verify everything on the front end before the backend import starts.

When we export the data, our system generates a tally of how many items are being imported. We then import this list and wait until it has loaded onto the system completely. We then run another export from the client’s system. When we compare the export from our system to the one we just imported into the client’s system, they should be an identical match.

If it’s not, we can see the variances and come up with the next steps. We will be there until the end to ensure that what we put into your system is exactly what we counted.

Monarch Offers Transparency and Results

After a physical count, we are there until the end to ensure everything is done correctly. The reconciling portion of the process involves Monarch and our team so that there are no data issues.

If you want to easily reconcile your liquor store POS after a physical inventory audit, then contact us to find out more.

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