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Although we have very experienced warehouse inventory team members, they can’t tell the weights and dimensions of products purely by looking at them. That is why we have partnered with Cubiscan to combine their state-of-the-art technology and our technicians. Working together, we can assist your operation with implementation when your internal labor resources are constrained.

We Use the Cubiscan to Help Capture Weights and Dimensions

Cubiscan is a best-in-class dimensioning solution that provides an efficient means of electronically capturing the weight and dimensions of your inventory.

Using the Cubiscan is a simple process. It is a large platform with a weight and a camera to measure weight and dimensions.

But why is the weight and dimension of inventory so important?

Understanding how much space inventory will take and how difficult it will be to move is vital for storage and shipping. The Cubiscan is a mobile cart that only needs a wireless connection. This allows us to move it around the warehouse easily to record inventory data.

We recommend keeping the boxes’ size reasonable as it becomes more challenging as the boxes get bigger. Unfortunately, some packages are too large for the platform. Then it can be difficult, but the camera allows you to still get the product’s dimensions.

Not only will the Cubiscan help you with your warehouse space management, but also with parcel shipping automation and efficiency.

You Can Use the Cubiscan Independently

If you have staff familiar with the Cubiscan, we can ship it to your facility and allow you to use it independently. It does come with instructions, and we also offer our services and can send out a skilled and trained technician. We are happy to customize the project to fit your needs best.

We can handle rental management, delivery, and project planning to offer a turnkey solution. Alternatively, we can work with your internal project manager to formulate an implementation plan you can execute internally.

How We Quote on a Weights and Dimensions Project

Before we can provide you with an estimate for using the Cubiscan, we will need to understand your project goals.

  • Are you moving to a new space?
  • Are you trying to maximize your current space?
  • Do you need accurate measurements for shipping efficiency?

Once we understand your project goals and have an idea of how many items need to be scanned, we can use our tried-and-true metrics to determine how much time will need to be invested and give you all the options.

Using Cubiscan is worth the cost, and it offers a high ROI. By having accurate weight and dimension data, you can better manage pick-’n-pack, reduce shipping costs, and optimize order fulfillment.

Let Monarch Take the Weight Off

We are constantly learning and innovating in order to broaden our offerings and provide our clients with turnkey solutions.

We offer fantastic results regarding inventory counts, warehouse management, and POS reconciliation, so we have partnered with Cubiscan to add another skill to the list. We love that we can offer our clients a range of services to help them meet their business goals.

But we are also a people-focused business, and upskilling and educating our staff is vital to our company culture. So it’s important that our team has the opportunity to learn new skills and develop new interests within the company.

Find Out More About Our Services

Monarch is focused on helping people, and we do that by prioritizing people over profit. That means that our services can be customized to best suit our clients, and we are continually expanding our service areas to help more companies.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help capture weights and dimensions using Cubiscan, contact our team.

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