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Inventory counting services can make running a business easier. For example, having a professional company responsible for your counts is worth the cost because they have the expertise and technology to give accurate results.

But there are several ways that you can prepare for your inventory count that will not only help the process go smoothly but also save you money.

Scheduling Process

There are steps before the physical inventory count that you can take to minimize costs. When you call us to schedule an inventory, our scheduling manager will ask several questions. The more up-to-date the information you provide, the more accurate your estimate is.

Our scheduling manager will ask for the size of your inventory and the type of inventory service you need. If you need help determining what service suits your store, they will review the details with you to find what works best. For example, you may need a full scanning inventory with item-level details, or a financial value by category could be sufficient.

Pre-Planning Can Save You Money on Inventory Counting Services

Once you have scheduled an inventory count with us, we will request more information from you to help the process.

If we are performing a scanning inventory, we will require a file from your point-of-sale system before the count. The same file will help us be more efficient during a financial level inventory count. It makes our job more manageable if you don’t have prices on everything to have a file to refer to. If you don’t have the file, we will have to scan items without prices at the register to verify them. This slows the count down and can cost you money, not just in terms of the hours we are there counting but also because a delayed count will impact your regular business operations.

Our team also sends you a prep guide to help you organize your store before the count. Organization is key for a successful physical inventory count.

  • Label as much of the inventory as possible.
  • Break your inventory out according to the department’s that you sent us.
  • Spend time organizing and sorting your back room, shelves, displays, and coolers. It will add to the overall cost if we have to physically move and sort items.
  • Having someone available to answer our questions is also beneficial to keep the process moving smoothly.

Pre-planning helps us give you the best inventory as close to the estimate as possible. Our retail inventory counting services are put together in a couple of ways. We charge hourly and by a thousand. This means we either charge by how much your retail value is in the store or how long the count takes. Often it is a combination of these two.

Choose the Right Company

Monarch is a company that values people over profit. We provide our clients with as much information as possible upfront to help them prepare for the count. We know that time is money and that by equipping you with the resources to prepare your store, we will have a more successful count and one that saves our client money.

We focus on being responsive, reliable, and fast. So, not only will we be efficient during the count, but you will feel completely comfortable with the accuracy of the data that we provide you at the end.

Trust Monarch’s Inventory Counting Services

With our skilled team members, tested processes, and adaptable technology, we know we can consistently deliver a high-quality service to our customers. We are always learning, growing, and fine-tuning our offering, to serve our clients better.

So, if you are looking for inventory counting services, contact us for a free estimate and learn more about how we can help you.

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