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“Are there things I can do to improve the efficiency of my retail inventory count?”

This is a common question we get from clients, and many of them don’t realize that the success of a count relies on more than our expert team members, processes, and technology. Time is money, and having an organized store, excellent communication, and collaborative pre-planning are vital for the success of your retail inventory count.

Does Monarch Help Me Increase the Efficiency of Retail Inventory Count?

Monarch is a company that values people over profit. We could come into your store and bill you for the hours necessary to check and label stock, clear store rooms, and any other on-site issues. But we don’t believe that is the best way to build happy client relationships or get the best results.

After accepting your inventory estimate, you will get a confirmation email from our service team. This will confirm the type of count you require and the date of the count. We will also send you a prep guide with everything you need to know before the count begins. This guide contains actionable steps that will help you organize your store and your staff, which saves us time and saves you money.

We want to provide our customers with accurate, stress-free, efficient results. That means providing them with the necessary resources to prepare their store for a successful count.

Convenience and Liquor Stores

When it comes to convenience and liquor store counts, organization is key.

Here are some vital steps that you can take to organize your retail inventory before the count begins.

  • Group the same flavors and bottle types nearby.
  • If we are doing a financial count based on price points on the shelf, have similarly priced items, brands, and flavors together.
  • If we are doing a full scan inventory count, make sure that items are neatly organized and grouped by size, color, brand, etc.
  • If you have an overstocked back room with cases and unpackaged items, make sure that it is neatly organized and accessible.
  • Organize your coolers with matching items and have unopened stock available.
  • Decide how you would like to break out your departments and deal with stock inconsistencies and labeling errors.

What Are Some Simple Ways I Can Improve the Efficiency of My Retail Inventory Count?

Successful inventory counts come down to planning and organization. However, there are some simple things that you can do to increase the efficiency of your retail count.

  • Look at the example pictures that we send you. We will send you photos of what is and isn’t acceptable regarding organization to make it easy for your staff to prep your store.
  • Provide us with your departments so we can get your margins established in advance.
  • Send us pictures of your store so that we can create locations before the count.
  • Price your items and get them situated before we get there.
  • Check that tags and labels are accurate, legible, and undamaged.
  • Have staff on hand to assist and answer questions.
  • Have a system in place to deal with kick outs and Not Found items.

Why Should I Choose Monarch for My Inventory Count?

We have the people, process, and technology to provide you with data-driven results delivered in a stress-free and collaborative way. We want to give you the tools and tips to feel confident for future inventory counts.

Time is money, and we aim to be quick and efficient to keep your business running smoothly. If you have wondered, “How can I improve the efficiency of my retail inventory count?”, contact us for some top tips.

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