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Inventory Counting Services Near Topeka

Running a small to medium-sized retail or convenience store in Topeka, such as a liquor store, or managing a warehouse in nearly any capacity, means that you’ll eventually need to deal with inventory audits. These are events where the entire inventory on-site is counted, ensuring an accurate and complete count of every item of inventory at that location. As necessary as these events are, most businesses use in-house talent to complete them, making them stressful and hugely disruptive to your staff as well. Not only are they responsible for their regular duties, but now they have this additional task, with no additional benefits, and they don’t have the time or motivation to focus on either one to the degree that they require. This is where partnering with an inventory count service like Monarch can be one of the smartest moves your business can make.

Monarch Inventory Services can work around you and your daily operations to provide an accurate and complete inventory count across a range of different environments. We have made counting inventory what we do best so that you can keep doing what you do best, satisfying your customers. To give us the edge over other inventory services, we have devoted considerable resources to developing specific and proprietary software and hardware technology that can be adapted to your business, no matter the size or the scale of your operation. Here’s more information about how we can help benefit liquor, convenience, and warehousing operations in the Topeka area.

Inventory Counting Services Near Topeka

Topeka has an enormous number of liquor stores, convenience stores, and small to medium-sized warehouses, which makes it a great place for local business owners to benefit from partnering with an inventory counting service like Monarch Inventory Service. Monarch was founded back in 1985 to provide a leading inventory count solution to area businesses that required accurate inventory but simply couldn’t manage it in addition to their daily operations. We began by offering inventory count services to convenience stores and liquor stores, and after learning how we can offer the best solution in our current space, began to expand into the manufacturing and distribution space. We’re able to keep a very narrow focus, and as a result, we’re able to consistently provide leading results.

Our inventory counting services are crucial to your small or mid-sized company, particularly if you’re still focusing on building growth and driving increased revenue each year. Keeping your inventory updated and as current as possible allows those in decision-making roles of the organization to make their decisions based on the best and most current information. This leads to better and more effective business management, no matter what the situation is. Your inventory is not only an asset, but it can also be a huge liability as well, particularly for operations like liquor stores, where excess unsold inventory can be damaged during on-site storage, or it can age and things like promotional packaging can make the product a loss. 

Partnering with Monarch can prevent your business from suffering the effects of under or over-ordering, so you aren’t running short of crucial, popular items, or housing additional stock that you don’t technically need yet. We operate our business as a family, considering all of our employees and customers as members of that family, which means we strive to provide top-quality service to your business, whether you have a single small retail location or a string of franchises across the Kansas and Missouri, whether you store your inventory on-site or in a 2 million square foot warehouse.

Topeka Convenience Store Inventory Counting Services

Running a convenience store in the Topeka area means that at one point or another, you’ll have to deal with an inventory audit. This means that you’ll need to take employees away from their standard duties and delegate them to the inventory task or have them complete it in addition to their daily duties. You either take them away from their job or give them two and keep them from focusing on either. Monarch can help simplify this often stressful and chaotic time for your store by managing all of your store inventory services.

We’re able to offer a considerably wide range of services for your business, depending on what type of business you operate in the Topeka area. One of the biggest challenges for small and mid-sized retail or convenience stores is keeping an accurate inventory. This prevents your store from taking on too much inventory at once, or from falling short on crucial top-selling products. Excess items can be misplaced, damaged, or simply expire while waiting to be sold, and that loss can be expensive. Monarch can help prevent inventory waste. 

Liquor Store Inventory Company Near Topeka

Liquor stores in Topeka and surrounding areas have a unique challenge with maintaining inventory, and keeping that inventory current and accurate. Excess inventory in a liquor store can mean having to store cases of delicate products in an age-restricted environment, which can be a significant challenge to do in some cases. Not only can the merchandise become damaged, but it can age out of salability, and end up costing you even more to replace. Monarch’s liquor store inventory services can be an incredibly valuable service for the small business owner.

Topeka Warehouse Inventory Counting Services

While retail locations can certainly have challenges with counting and maintaining inventory, businesses or companies that operate larger warehouses can experience a wide range of challenges unique to the warehousing space. One of the biggest challenges involved in working with large warehouse environments is the loss of time in locating missing products and organizing warehouse space to be the most efficient layout for the needs of the business. Hiring a warehouse strategist for this can be expensive, which is where Monarch warehouse inventory services can be ideal.

Our use of industry-leading technology, both hardware, and software, puts us far ahead of our competition. We can use this technology to continuously improve our operations so that we can provide better and better solutions for your warehousing operations. Your warehouse will operate faster, smoother, and more efficiently.

Your Inventory Service Questions Answered

Get answers to your most common questions from Monarch

How do I know I need a third-party inventory company?

Bringing in a third-party inventory company can be a big decision. Some signs that you may need some external help include shipping inaccuracies, location level issues, increase in write-offs, or labor shortages. These challenges do not often get better with time. Having an objective party come in to address these concerns and get you back on track can be hugely beneficial.

How do I choose an inventory company?
Choosing the right inventory company to bring in is easy when you identify the driving factors behind the need and ask the right questions. It’s important to know what experience the company has in environments similar to yours, what collection and verification processes are used, how they handle challenges, and how much oversight you’ll need to provide. As a service based business, don’t forget to ask about the type of people and staff they provide. The best technology and processes are meaningless if their people are unprofessional, lack commitment, and have poor attitudes.
What’s included in a price quote from Monarch?

We provide a variety of price quotes depending upon the project, service type, and market segment.  During our initial conversations we will gather the specific details about your project and using our past experiences will estimate time and costs.  We will put together a price quote that helps you establish a budgetary plan and aligns with how you conduct business. We will include staffing requirements based upon scope and time constraints.  You will be given a clear picture of what to expect, and we take pride in getting our quotes correct. 

Do you use temp labor or hire to staff?

Everyone we put on a service initiative or project team are direct hires of Monarch.  Temporary labor introduces too much inconsistency, not to mention a lack of commitment, to your mission.  Your goals are simply too important to do something like this.   With regards to booking a project or service and then triggering our human resources department to “hire to staff”, this can also introduce unknown variables into your planning efforts.   For example, rapid changes in the hiring dynamics could affect our ability to meet the target team size.  Additionally, this practice has the potential to lead to “over selling”, and you could be the customer that is not at the top of the priority list and have your project cut at the last minute.  We have a staff plan that aligns with our growth goals, and we hire to that plan.  We are up front with you about what we can and can’t do in terms of staffing your project.