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Inventory Counting Services Near Lawrence

Anyone who operates a small or medium-sized liquor, convenience, or similar retail location in the Lawrence area knows that managing inventory can be a challenge, particularly with smaller numbers of available staff to help. If you operate or manage a warehouse, the challenges of accurate and updated inventory counts can be compounded even further. These periodic inventory audits are often considered by those in the small business sector to be one of the most stressful and disruptive times. If you are using in-house talent to manage your inventory counting, you’re doing your employees and your business a disservice, because with two jobs you won’t get the focus or results you want to see in either one. This is one of the primary reasons to outsource your inventory counts to someone like Monarch, who has nearly 40 years of experience.

Monarch Inventory Services was founded with the goal of providing business owners and managers in the Lawrence area with the most accurate and speedy inventory counts, across the entire convenience, liquor store, and small retail environments. We keep our inventory teams equipped with the latest in proprietary hardware and software solutions designed specifically to get the counts you need while focusing on what you do best, satisfying your customers. We are able to use our custom inventory platform across all operation scopes and sizes, from small corner stores to regional or national chains, whether you use on-site storage or operate warehouses with millions of square feet of space.

Inventory Counting Services Near Lawrence

Lawrence is one of the best locations in Kansas for small and mid-sized retail, liquor, and convenience businesses. The availability of space for larger warehousing operations is also a big draw for many companies that require significant square footage. Monarch was founded in 1985 with the goal of becoming the leading inventory counting service in the Lawrence area for growing operations in the convenience and small retail space. Once we had established ourselves as an authority in the space, we grew into providing inventory count solutions for businesses in the distribution and manufacturing sectors as well. 

Our entire operation is guided by continuous process improvement and by aligning ourselves with the goals of our customers. For small to mid-sized businesses that are still highly focused on growth, ensuring that there is always an accurate and current inventory count is vital to being able to confidently accept customer orders and avoid the accumulation of excess inventory. In short, it helps your company make more informed and intelligent business management decisions.

Monarch Inventory Services can help your business manage its inventory, storage, and ordering processes much easier, and can help prevent the situations that lead to over-ordering or under-ordering products. Over-ordering can be a big problem for smaller businesses, because not only are you paying for inventory that you don’t yet need, but then you have to worry about storing that inventory in a way that minimizes damage and loss. Under-ordering can leave your business without vital, revenue-driving best-sellers, and can end up with your company breaking promises to customers and having to cancel and refund orders.

Lawrence Convenience Store Inventory Counting Services

If you own or help manage a convenience, liquor, or small retail location in Lawrence, you have probably become familiar with the stress and hassle involved in periodic inventory counts, like annual or semi-annual audits. In most cases, inventory audits are handled internally, with employees being tasked with their normal duties, but also with assisting in the inventory. This not only takes away focus from their normal responsibilities but also prevents them from focusing on the inventory count as well, giving you two sub-par results. With an inventory counting partner like Monarch, your team can stay focused on what you need them to do, and you can leave your convenience store inventory count to the professionals.

Our team will come in either during business hours or off-hours and will quickly and accurately conduct a full count of your inventory. This provides a crucial, updated, and accurate inventory for small businesses that are often targeted for theft and suffer from lost or damaged inventory much more severely than larger companies. Keeping your inventory optimized is also important during seasonal changeovers when it’s possible that your store can get stuck with an excess of seasonal merchandise that is difficult to sell before expiration.

Liquor Store Inventory Company Near Lawrence

Liquor stores, just like other small retail locations, often have many challenges that are unique to their space. Liquor stores are generally much smaller retail businesses than many realize, and their inventory is particularly vulnerable to aging into expiration, outdated packaging that affects sellability, and most of all, breakage.

Outsourcing your liquor store inventory services can lead to significant improvements in profitability. Not only can it help you manage your inventory much more intelligently, but it can help you drill down to isolate problems and improve the business across multiple areas.

Lawrence Warehouse Inventory Counting Services

Warehousing often comes with very different challenges from retail locations, but while the specific challenges may be different the goal is always the same: current, accurate, real-time inventory counts. However, with the scale of most warehouses, counting on internal employees or talent to complete an accurate inventory can mean bringing other areas of productivity to a halt. If forced to focus on two jobs, most of the time you aren’t getting satisfactory results in either one. 

The team at Monarch can complete your warehouse inventory in record time, and with more than 99% accuracy. We have spent years developing a proprietary software and hardware platform that can be customized by our teams to work with nearly any inventory need or environment imaginable. This platform allows Monarch to provide you with real-time inventory counts, even in fast-paced warehouse settings. Our industry-leading data analytics can also give you the insight and information you need to help your organization improve across multiple channels and departments. You’ll be able to locate trends and predict your business needs with greater accuracy than ever before.

Your Inventory Service Questions Answered

Get answers to your most common questions from Monarch

How do I know I need a third-party inventory company?

Bringing in a third-party inventory company can be a big decision. Some signs that you may need some external help include shipping inaccuracies, location level issues, increase in write-offs, or labor shortages. These challenges do not often get better with time. Having an objective party come in to address these concerns and get you back on track can be hugely beneficial.

How do I choose an inventory company?
Choosing the right inventory company to bring in is easy when you identify the driving factors behind the need and ask the right questions. It’s important to know what experience the company has in environments similar to yours, what collection and verification processes are used, how they handle challenges, and how much oversight you’ll need to provide. As a service based business, don’t forget to ask about the type of people and staff they provide. The best technology and processes are meaningless if their people are unprofessional, lack commitment, and have poor attitudes.
What’s included in a price quote from Monarch?

We provide a variety of price quotes depending upon the project, service type, and market segment.  During our initial conversations we will gather the specific details about your project and using our past experiences will estimate time and costs.  We will put together a price quote that helps you establish a budgetary plan and aligns with how you conduct business. We will include staffing requirements based upon scope and time constraints.  You will be given a clear picture of what to expect, and we take pride in getting our quotes correct. 

Do you use temp labor or hire to staff?

Everyone we put on a service initiative or project team are direct hires of Monarch.  Temporary labor introduces too much inconsistency, not to mention a lack of commitment, to your mission.  Your goals are simply too important to do something like this.   With regards to booking a project or service and then triggering our human resources department to “hire to staff”, this can also introduce unknown variables into your planning efforts.   For example, rapid changes in the hiring dynamics could affect our ability to meet the target team size.  Additionally, this practice has the potential to lead to “over selling”, and you could be the customer that is not at the top of the priority list and have your project cut at the last minute.  We have a staff plan that aligns with our growth goals, and we hire to that plan.  We are up front with you about what we can and can’t do in terms of staffing your project.