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Inventory Counting Services Near Kansas City

For those running a retail operation like a convenience store or liquor store, or for those who manage warehouses, inventory audits can be one of the most stressful times. As stressful and disruptive as inventory day can be for your staff, who need to perform inventory counts as well as their normal duties, it is absolutely necessary. One of the best alternatives that minimize not only the time loss, but the decrease in productivity, and often the sheer expense of performing a manual inventory with in-house staff, is to outsource your inventory count services to a professional like Monarch.

Monarch Inventory Services is able to provide accurate and efficient inventory counts in a wide range of environments, so that you can get on with what you do best, satisfying your customers. Our team uses proprietary software that can capture the inventory of your liquor store, convenience store, or warehouse, no matter the scale or scope of your operation. By utilizing industry-leading technological solutions, we can produce a live inventory count for the smallest corner stores to the biggest national chains. Here is more about how we can help your business succeed.

Inventory Counting Services Near Kansas City

Kansas City has a massive number of convenience stores, liquor stores, and warehouses, and Monarch was founded in 1985 to provide leading inventory count services to those industries. Since becoming one of the area’s leading inventory count services, we have also begun to explore providing services to manufacturing and distribution-based businesses. By using our time-tested expertise in the space, we are able to maintain a tight focus on providing leading results by cultivating best practices for each unique situation. We establish processes that help increase efficiency and accuracy while facilitating your operation’s growth.

Keeping an accurate and updated inventory is crucial to the success of every business that sells a product. If your business operates in the digital space, knowing what your inventory is can help prevent catastrophic breakdowns like overselling inventory that you don’t currently have. Having a current inventory count also prevents too much inventory from being ordered. Your inventory is an asset, and storing excess inventory at your sale location can lead to clutter and damaged products, which equates to lost revenue. 

The inventory counting services of Monarch can help safeguard your business against over and underordering, so you aren’t paying for goods you don’t technically need to stock yet. Just as we consider all of our team members to be a part of the Monarch family, we count our customers among our family as well. No matter the scope or size of your operation, it’s important that we align ourselves with your business’s overall goals. We give all of our customers the same top-tier attention, whether you’re a small independently-owned shop or an extensive warehousing location with a million square feet.

Kansas City Convenience Store Inventory Counting Services

Performing inventory audits in Kansas City convenience stores is a vital part of efficient and profitable operation, but it is also a relatively daunting and often highly time-consuming task. Partnering with an inventory company like Monarch Inventory Services, however, can help convenience stores of all sizes to capture convenience store inventory counts easily and efficiently, without taking your staff away from their duties. We are able to offer an incredibly wide range of services for all levels and types of convenience stores in the Kansas City area because we have customizable software designed specifically facilitate easy inventory management.

Maintaining accurate inventory, particularly for smaller or independently-owned convenience stores is one of the most important tasks. Making sure your business doesn’t take on more inventory than it needs can be a big part of reducing or even eliminating loss due to damage, expiration, or even getting misplaced. A similar benefit can be seen in the prevention of underordering, which prevents you from having enough stock on hand of your most popular items, reducing the potential for revenue and tightening your profit margins just a little bit more.

Liquor Store Inventory Company Near Kansas City

One of the biggest factors for success in smaller or growing operations is accurate and intelligent inventory management. That said, you can’t manage your inventory intelligently if you don’t have an accurate, live count of your assets. To find out how we can help add value to your operations, reach out for more information, or a quote.

Kansas City Warehouse Inventory Counting Services

If you are looking for a Kansas City warehouse inventory counting service, Monarch is a locally-owned company you can trust. When you have extensive warehousing facilities, dedicating staff to constantly count inventory can be costly, time-consuming, and devastating to productivity. Monarch Inventory Services understands the unique challenges that warehousing operations face and is ready to help make your inventory counts much quicker and more efficient. Not having a current inventory can leave your warehouse operations in shambles, and problems maintaining accurate inventory counts can literally make or break a business that’s still in the growth phase. To boost efficiency and profits, as well as customer or client satisfaction, partnering with Monarch to count your warehouse inventory can be the smartest move you can make.

One of the reasons that Monarch is able to stay ahead of the competition is our consistent use of technology and our continual drive toward improvement. As we develop and maintain your specific inventory count solution, we will undoubtedly encounter some challenges, issues, and even problems in your inventory management. However, as we encounter these new and unique scenarios, we’re able to update our various technology platforms and tools to continually improve. As we’ve operated throughout the decades, we have developed a streamlined, cutting-edge process that is optimized for the fast-paced warehouse operation intensity. We can provide real-time insight into your counts, with features like live dashboards and data feeds, as well as industry-leading analytical tools that can help you drill down to problem areas and push accuracy over the 99% mark.

Your Inventory Service Questions Answered

Get answers to your most common questions from Monarch

How do I know I need a third-party inventory company?

Bringing in a third-party inventory company can be a big decision. Some signs that you may need some external help include shipping inaccuracies, location level issues, increase in write-offs, or labor shortages. These challenges do not often get better with time. Having an objective party come in to address these concerns and get you back on track can be hugely beneficial.

How do I choose an inventory company?
Choosing the right inventory company to bring in is easy when you identify the driving factors behind the need and ask the right questions. It’s important to know what experience the company has in environments similar to yours, what collection and verification processes are used, how they handle challenges, and how much oversight you’ll need to provide. As a service based business, don’t forget to ask about the type of people and staff they provide. The best technology and processes are meaningless if their people are unprofessional, lack commitment, and have poor attitudes.
What’s included in a price quote from Monarch?

We provide a variety of price quotes depending upon the project, service type, and market segment.  During our initial conversations we will gather the specific details about your project and using our past experiences will estimate time and costs.  We will put together a price quote that helps you establish a budgetary plan and aligns with how you conduct business. We will include staffing requirements based upon scope and time constraints.  You will be given a clear picture of what to expect, and we take pride in getting our quotes correct. 

Do you use temp labor or hire to staff?

Everyone we put on a service initiative or project team are direct hires of Monarch.  Temporary labor introduces too much inconsistency, not to mention a lack of commitment, to your mission.  Your goals are simply too important to do something like this.   With regards to booking a project or service and then triggering our human resources department to “hire to staff”, this can also introduce unknown variables into your planning efforts.   For example, rapid changes in the hiring dynamics could affect our ability to meet the target team size.  Additionally, this practice has the potential to lead to “over selling”, and you could be the customer that is not at the top of the priority list and have your project cut at the last minute.  We have a staff plan that aligns with our growth goals, and we hire to that plan.  We are up front with you about what we can and can’t do in terms of staffing your project.