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Firstly, we know warehouse operations must run efficiently to maximize profits and retain clients. Moreover, warehouse inventory accuracy is at the center of an efficient operation. For example, accurate accounting of inventory ensures maximum efficiency in put away and picking processes. As a result, order lead times are minimized and order fill rates are maximized.

Secondly, maintaining inventory accuracy is also important for compliance. As an example, publicly traded companies require inventory accuracy for quarterly financial reports. And, Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) compliance also requires accuracy in the inventory.

At times, however, events may occur that lead to process breakdowns, and inventory accuracy suffers. As a result, customers begin putting pressure on warehouse operations because of incomplete orders, longer order delivery lead times, or for receiving the wrong items in the order.

Therefore, Monarch has developed a streamlined process and technology platform for physical warehouse inventory counts that consistent result in 99.9% accuracy, but Monarch goes beyond the physical count. Our inventory consultants understand warehouse processes, understand how to assess the situation, and, therefore, understand how to identify the root cause. In Conclusion, as a specialist, Monarch has developed a flexible diagnostic platform complimented with the expertise needed to tackle inventory accuracy problems; thereby, ensuring that inventory accuracy is maintained upon our departure from a project.

Warehouse Inventory Services We Provide

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