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Using a 3PL facility is becoming popular for businesses needing external help and a way of managing their supply chain more effectively. Some inventory service providers may shy away from doing inventory counts at 3PL facilities because they can be challenging. But, with our highly-skilled team and adaptable technology, we can help you with an inventory count even if you use third-party logistics to house your inventory.

Do You Use a 3PL Facility for Your Inventory?

A 3PL facility is an off-site entity that helps manage and control stock and distribution. Working with a 3PL is a partnership, especially when performing a physical inventory count.

Our Monarch teams are flexible, and we can use a small team for a smaller inventory count. Even if the count is small, we know we have two customers when a 3PL facility is involved. We have the corporate customer and the 3PL manager.

Communication is Key

When you are dealing with more than one client, communication is critical. We establish communication with our corporate client and the 3PL manager to ensure we are all aligned.

We need to establish the warehouse logistics, how they inventory control, and if they utilize location details. We have a separate meeting with both clients to understand their needs and the 3PL limitations. For example, they may not have the personnel to assist, which we need to work around.

By clearly understanding both clients’ goals and limitations, we can ensure that the count is quick, smooth, and done correctly. We will also find out what warehouse management software the facility uses so that we are prepared ahead of time. Finally, our team members are trained in a wide variety of warehouse management software, so there is no real learning curve, and the count can happen quickly.

Focus on Efficiency

Time is money, and we don’t want to waste either client’s time. To do this, we limit on-site limitations. We will contact the 3PL manager and establish if we need to shut down operations to do the count. We also discuss strategies to make the count as quickly as possible to get them back to selling and shipping. Although shutting down may seem problematic, it can make the count much quicker because it allows us the time to focus on the count without an influx of products moving while we are counting.

By chatting with our corporate client and the 3PL manager, we can understand the scope of the count and choose our team accordingly. All our team members are highly skilled, but we customize our teams based on the project’s needs. Our goal is always to provide data-driven results in an efficient and people-focused way.

Trust Monarch with Your 3PL Facility Inventory

Whether at a third-party logistics facility or in your retail store, Monarch has the team and technology to complete a successful count in a stress-free way. We have a people-focused approach to business, which means that we get the results you want in a personable and friendly manner.

Collaborating with a client to ensure a successful count should be standard practice, whether a retail client, a 3PL manager or both. Our adaptable technology allows us to be flexible in our count approach and work with different POS and WMS systems. Being comfortable with numerous programs keeps the count running smoothly and allows us to produce reports that our clients can use to grow their businesses confidently.

If you have considered a 3PL facility but need to figure out how a physical inventory count would work, contact us to learn more.

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